Insurance Claims

After an accident, the last thing you need to be worrying about is whether your insurance provider will drag their feet approving your claim.

At Bowen Smash Repair Centre, we’ve cultivated for ourselves a stellar reputation for quality repairs at affordable prices, making us a preferred repairer for many of Australia’s most trusted insurance companies. We know what insurance companies watch out for when processing claims, and will provide estimates on damages that are both fair and reasonable for all parties involved, leading to a quick approval and prompt repairs.

Chassis Alignment

After a particularly hard accident it’s common for your vehicle’s chassis, the structural framework that holds your vehicle together, to be warped or bent. This can make your vehicle either unsafe or difficult to drive in the best of circumstances, or impossible to drive at worst.

Our workshop is equipped with the latest in chassis measurement and alignment technology from Car-O-Liner, to compare your vehicle’s current state to its original manufacturer specifications and ensure the repairs we conduct bring your car back as close to its pre-accident condition as possible.

Panel Repairs

At Bowen Smash Repair Centre we offer a range of panel repair services, from all manner of welding needed to dent repairs and more. We set to work with the latest equipment, and our panel technicians are trained in the latest techniques, ensuring your vehicle leaves our workshop looking just as good as it did before the accident.

Spray Painting

Whether you’re looking for a simply touch up for a complete refinishing, our team can cater for all sizes of spray painting work on your vehicle. Our paint technicians will use our sophisticated paint matching technology and our extensive range of DuPont automotive paints to find a precise match for your vehicle’s existing colour. The paint is then applied to your vehicle in one of our purpose built spray painting booths, which are airflow controlled to minimise air pollutants, ensuring the smoothest most even coat possible for your vehicle.

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